Any photo shoot or event should be a visual experience. Our range of remarkable custom printed backdrop prints will give your event just the effect it needs.

It's not just photo shoots which will benefit from our products - they're perfect for theatre, corporate events, exhibitions and shows.

We guarantee our backdrop prints are top quality, which we achieve with the Epson Stylus Pro-11880 printer together with top quality material.

Clients are welcome to supply their own artwork in digital format.


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About our Printer

Representing the ultimate expression of Epson Stylus Pro engineering, the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 is produced by a dedicated team of specialists. Every step of its production is scrutinized, while incorporating our latest technologies, including an advanced MicroPiezo® TFP print head, real-time automatic switching between Matte and Photo Black inks, automatic nozzle verification and cleaning, and more. The result is the world's most advanced 64-inch wide photographic printer.

Epson UltraChrome K3® is the standard by which all other professional level ink technologies are judged. Now enhanced with our breakthrough new Vivid Magenta pigments, our latest-generation ink technology requires only eight colours, including a three-level black technology, to significantly raise the quality levels for professional colour and black-and-white prints.

Imagine producing 64-inch-wide archival prints with amazing colour fidelity, gloss level, and scratch resistance, while providing consistently stable colours that significantly outperform lesser ink technologies. Imagine producing professional, neutral and toned, black-and-white prints with even higher density levels, along with virtually no metamerism or bronzing.

With an even higher level of ink droplet accuracy, we've developed an all-new MicroPiezo TFP print head, featuring a new ink repelling coating technology for reduced nozzle clogging. And, when combined with our new Epson AccuPhoto™ HD screening technology, at an astonishing resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi, Epson has once again raised the level of image quality - even exceeding our previous best.

Capable of handling virtually any media type, in roll or cut-sheet, up to 64 inches wide, Epson sets the standard for professional media use. Whether producing sellable colour or black-and-white photography, fine art reproduction, or colour accurate proofs for client approvals, never before have Creative Professionals had such a powerful tool, allowing them to produce their vision without compromise.